About Us Our vision

Education is a beacon to the future.

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Our goals
  • Helping in implementing creative and suitable solutions for the provision of education and strengthening syllabus based on technology.

  • Finding fair solutions that guarantee education for everyone.

  • Strengthening the concept of education for sustainable development which provides fair opportunity for learners.

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Our goals
  • Providing high-quality professional learning to improve the quality of education, enrich knowledge and the emerging trends of education.
  • Empowering professionals and involving the institutions as international education providers.
  • Being side by side with relevant bodies and partners who are interested in education to strengthen the benefits of an international education for society.


The international Education association had been established in() under the auspices of the United Nations educational, scientific and cultural organization (UNESCO).
This organization was established on the basis of its unstoppable support for the message of humanity to strengthen what is positive in people’s life and to make sure of the domestic, regional and international commitments to provide education for everyone and to maintain its quality as one of the key pillars of sustainable development.

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Our advantage The advantage of the participation

We seek to promote the culture of sustainable education and strengthen it in relevant educational organizations around the world through the development of its policies based on the most professional experiences. This can only be achieved through:

  • the participation of different sectors
  • the participation of the experts and specialists in education
  • Sharing opinions
  • contributing proposals
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Our Memberships We have three memberships

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Silver membership

This membership enables you to privy to the digital thesaurus of the organization. It contains the latest research , statistics, reports and data which build a strong background enabling you to launch in this field to improve access to education.

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Diamond membership

Diamond membership enables you to get rewards, prizes and grants to strengthen the innovative efforts to provide good education for everyone. Also you can be nominated to international prizes like UNESCO prize or Japan prize on education for sustainable development,etc. In addition to financing targeted activities to provide an available education from the organization itself or other donor partners like “.....”.

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Golden membership

This membership enables you to get technical methods that help you in capacity building in education. It also provides you with advice when you want it and also provides professional training for a better future education.

Events of the international Education association

In the dawn of 2030, As a global community, We can achieve the goals of sustainable development through a variety of events.

Our researches international Education association researches

Those researches are considered as a comprehensive analytical reference to review the state of education around the world. It provides a wide range of expertise to help different countries regarding their educational system.